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I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in January 2022. I have gone through my fair share of trials and tribulations with my health and while I am still on a road to recovery, I am learning that God is using this hormone disorder as a way for me to reach women and strengthen our foundation in faith. This diagnosis has encouraged me to lean on my Father more than ever; it is in these challenges I have strengthened my relationship with the Lord. While I would give anything to have a normal functional body, nothing is sweeter than feeling close to the Lord. I pray for supernatural healing often, but I also thank God for using this diagnosis. He found me exactly where I left me-lost in the never ending cycle of doubt and physical vulnerability- and that has changed my life.



In 2020, via telehealth, a dermatologist prescribed me both doxycycline and tretinoin. After the three month purging stage, I was hoping to see improvement; it just got worse from that point. Helpless, I turned to my doctor who met my lack of hope with a birth control prescription. Six months into that, I found myself greatly defeated. I was seeing an esthetician at the time who was helping improve my complexion, but my acne persistently came through. 2020 was coming to an end and I was in a darker place with my skin than I was when the year started.


2021 presented even more challenges. The first half of the year seemed to bring fairly clear skin and a bright, smooth complexion. Had my acne 


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