my ACNE story

 Acne has been a major part of my insecurity for as long as I can remember. From seasonal hormonal acne in high school all the way up to my current struggles with acne that came from fast paced changes like quarantine, my body and skin have never really gotten along. I have always found something about myself to dwell negatively on, and waking up with painful cysts and scars on my face certainly never helped me with my whole "love yourself" journey.

During my senior year, my skin was the healthiest it had ever been. I had no scarring, no texture problems, and could wear makeup and have poreless, dewy skin. Once I moved to college in August of 2019, that completely changed. My hormones hated me. The mixture of moving out of my house of 15 years and moving into a hall with 100 other girls took a toll on me. My hormones were out of balance, which in turn, caused my skin to freak out. I started to get really bad acne which completely hindered my first semester of college. In addition to acne, my diet changed completely. I was eating whatever, whenever I wanted to. I unknowingly gained 10 pounds my freshman year of college. I hardly ever went out with my friends, because I felt consumed by my acne. I felt like my face was all people could look at when they would spend time with me. I understand that my skin is mild compared to what others go through, but to me in that moment, I didn't want to be seen at all. I chose to stay in on weekends and eat my sadness away.

I slowly started to grasp control of the state of my skin at the start of second semester in January 2020. It seemed as though I had finally adjusted to my new life; I was happy! With the first semester under my belt, I felt like this spring semester would finally be my time to make those memories that I had missed out on and felt more confident in my own skin.

I could not have been more wrong. We all know what's coming! 2 months into the spring semester, I was ripped from my new life and had to move back to my hometown of Corona because of Coronavirus. Funny coincidence, huh? Once I got home, the hormones reset, the acne came back, my diet changed again (thankfully much healthier this time,) and the insecurity soon followed. I called my doctor, asked for a dermatologist referral and never looked back.

I was prescribed 2 medications- 0.025% strength tretinoin creme and doxycycline monohydrate oral pill. I researched tretinoin, or Retin-A, before starting it and mentally prepared myself for the dreaded purge. I started this medication in April 2020 and have been on a long journey with my skin and my mentality since then. I am so proud of how my skin has healed and am so excited to see all the healing it has yet to do. 

What does this mean for Ashley Taylor Blog?

 When I started this dream blog at the beginning of quarantine, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I tried a bunch of different posts and never really felt like I had a purpose or a reason to post, I just knew I had to do weekly posts so whatever I came up with would make the site. Once I published "My Acne Journey," I finally felt that passion and purpose. I knew I felt satisfied being vulnerable and raw, which is something I have always strived for in my own life. I decided to revamp my website and make it more of a place surrounding skin care, skin positivity, acne normalization, and body acceptance. I am not too sure where this chapter will take me, but I still want to provide this platform to shed light on acne and all of its diminishing mental side effects.

 My road to clear skin and overall self acceptance is far from over, but I learn more about my skin and body each and every day. I am proud of how far I have come in my confidence. I no longer allow the condition of my complexion or the number I read on the scale to define my worth or beauty; neither should you. I am always here for any of you if you are struggling with loving and accepting yourself. It is a long process, and one we will never fully complete, but loving yourself and truly accepting your flaws is something to celebrate. 

xoxo ash


week 3 on tretinoin (may 2 2020)

week 3 on tretinoin (may 2 2020)

week 5 on tretinoin (may 11 2020)

week 6 on tretinoin (may 23 2020)

week 6 on tretinoin (may 24 2020)

week 7 on tretinoin (may 26 2020)

week 8 on tretinoin (june 6 2020)

week 9 on tretinoin (june 15 2020)

week 9 on tretinoin (june 15 2020)

week 10 on tretinoin (june 23 2020)

week 11 on tretinoin (july 1 2020)

week 11 on tretinoin (july 3 2020)